Second half of 2021, I entered a new full-time role with UTSA Athletics working primarily with football . I hold the responsibility of all recruiting graphic content, and assist the Senior Designer with any other football related graphics such as players of the week, bowl game invites, and broken records.
Highlighted Social Media Graphic categories 
I was fortunate to travel to the NFL combine and create live content as well as a branded look for graphics to display results from the 3 utsa standouts: Tariq woolen, sincere mccormick and spencer burford.
utsa pro day 
objective: to display some of our top individual performances while highlighting photography. Keep the look clean and simple with the branded utsa font.
Social media infographics 
player Bowl game invitations
Recruiting Infographics
entering the 2021 season, Utsa had only had a football program for about 10 seasons. with the year being the best in the schools history, it lead to many records being broken. I kept this look simple and again highlighted photography in the background with a action shot cut out. 
Triangle of toughness players of the week
Custom graphics highlighting the recruit identity for 3 of the top players in the 2022 recruiting class who are currently signees
committed graphic look for the 2022 class
"Best recruiting class in utsa history"
Weekly send outs to recruits wishing them good luck in their upcoming game
Various recruiting graphics 
Lanyards and tags made for game visitors  

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